Monday, February 26, 2007

I was thinking of getting an Nokia N80 as an upgrade but it seems that for once I have dodged a Mobile Phone bullet, as N80's are being recalled and discontinued by every major phone supplier.

I guess I now need to wait for the Nokia N95.


Jeff said...

Nokia N80 recalled? I've had this phone for more than 6 months and nothing is bad with it. Actually you can update to Nokia N80 Internet Edition firmware (I did it yesterday) and now I'm using Gizmo to make VoIP calls!. Buy it directly from Nokia.


MrLithic said...

I guess you are one of the lucky ones Jeff. There seems to be problems with SR 4, and some people are talking about going through 12 N80 handsets and still havibng problems. There must be some reason that the mobile sellers have dropped the handset. They carry a lot of terrible unreliable ones that they are happy to sell, to stop selling one - that must tell yout something.