Monday, December 26, 2005

More web based games than is humanly possible to play (all of them rated).

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The GeekPod 100 from provides 100 hours of iPod goodness.

Only problem is the foreign charger - so I am hoping for a UK version at some point.

Edit - Further to Michael Harrison's comments about Batterygeek. I have started to think that a homemade solution maybe a better way to battery power the iPod.

The solutions offered by Drew Perry and Chris Diclerico (Verson2 and Version3 seems a reasonable way to approach this.

The 8 hours seems a reasonable amount of time to get the iPod back to a power source and extra batteries could always be carried.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sustrans Brochures for the West Coast of Scotland Cyclepaths (all pdfs, so download these links).

Clyde and Loch Lomond Cycleway (NCN 7)
Glasgow to Loch Lomond mainly traffic-free path for cyclists and walkers 20 mls

Lochwinnoch Loop Line (NCN 7)
Paisley to Kilbirnie mainly traffic-free path for cyclists and walkers 14 mls

Hillend Loch Railway Path (NCN 75)
Airdrie to Bathgate mainly traffic-free path for cyclists and walkers 14 mls

Paisley and Clyde Railway Path (NCN 75)
Paisley to Gourock mainly traffic-free path for cyclists and walkers 20 mls

Garnock Valley Cycleway (NCN 7)
Irvine to Kilbirnie 18 mls

Ayrshire Coast Cycleway (NCN 7)
Irvine to Ayr traffic-free route for cyclists and walkers 19 mls

Cunninghame Cycleway (NCN 73)
Kilmarnock to Ardrossan traffic free path for walkers and cyclists 17 mls

Clyde Corridor Cycle Route (NCN 75)
Heart of Glasgow to Uddingston traffic-free walking and cycling route 12 mls

edit one more from the East Coast -
The Esk Valley Cycle Route
Musselburgh to Dalkeith largely traffic-free route 5 mls
Perfect for giving this Christmas.

What says love more than handcrafted Duct Tape Wallet.

You can use Gaffer Tape which I find comes in prettier colours than duct tape, has better adhesive qaulities, sticks when it gets cold and stays stuck, and comes off with no adhesive residue (also it does does not remove paint when you remove it). Gaffer Tape comes in more sizes at well from 1" to 4" rolls (the latter is great for sticking cables to carpets).

The alternative Duct Tape cover for a HipsterPDA could also be considered the perfect gift.

edit - more great ideas for the that great tape called Gaffer.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

I bank with British Bank and I needed to deposit a Canadian Dollar cheque into the account. So, I phoned them and asked how will it cost for me to deposit this cheque into my account. The guys says "hang on and I will find out".

He comes back and informs me that I will be able deposit this cheque into my account. I ask "how much will it cost" (the original question) and he tells me that I need to ask my branch. I then ask how long will it take for it to clear, and he tells me to ask my branch again.

So, I phoned their helpline and was answered a question I did not ask and was told an answer I already knew. How can they call this a helpline?

British Banks range from incompetent to evil. This event is more incompetent.
Hamachi is fast, secure and simple VPN, the holy Grail of SOHO networkers and Road Warriors.