Saturday, July 31, 2004

We went for a great day out - picked up some fresh fruit and veg at Roots and Fruits on Byres Road. Got some lovely indian ingredients at KRK Continental foods in the West End and strolled through some of the nicer parts of Glasgow. A nice review of food purveyors in the West End at Pat's Guide.

It was very hot today and nice to get the shorts out and get some sun on these white legs of mine.

So we have loads of veg for salads and fruits for smoothies. Looks like a good week of summer dining ahead.

Elizabeth and I in the park Posted by Hello
Well, it is Farmer's Market day in Paisley and I managed to get myself out there - despite the night before.

Brilliant produce and nice chat to the Potato Men from Ayrshire.

If I miss it, I really feel disappointed. Unfortunately, I did not get down there till 11am and a lot of stuff had already gone (strawberries and organic chicken) but there was still lots to pick up.

The fine delicacies of Scottish Pasties and Pies (at Greggs) Posted by Hello

Brilliant Sunny Hot day in Paisley (view north from Oakshaw Street) Posted by Hello

Fresh Scottish Raspberries - Absolutely Stunning Posted by Hello

Heritage Meats - Great bacon and sausages Posted by Hello

The Potato Men from Ayrshire - Great patter from these guys Posted by Hello

Corrie Mains - The Egg people Posted by Hello

Farmers Market Day in Paisley Posted by Hello
Anna and Gemma had their leaving-do in the Edward Wylie last night. I was supposed to go from there to The Lowdown to meet up with Bigkev, Neil and Edward for Edward's leaving-do, but I never made it.

The photos got fuzzier by the night's end and that probably had more too with my alcohol levels than light levels.

Good night had by all.

Asia Razzaq - with a fresh orange and winning smirk Posted by Hello

Asia, Gemma and Diane - all of whom have found something interesting Posted by Hello

Anna is leaving Posted by Hello

Diane Mackay in the Edward Wylie  Posted by Hello

Paul Donnelly acting up - nice haircut Posted by Hello

Laura Barker in the Bon Accord - Good Pub Posted by Hello
Had a good day out with the Network Services Guys in Edinburgh last Thursday. A brilliant curry and then off to the Brass Monkey for some refreshments. I found an open wireless node in our travels and was wondering if anyone has warwalked this town.

Me in the Brass Monkey with John - Good pub Posted by Hello

Paul "The Man" Donnelly texting one of his many girlfriends Posted by Hello

Iain Davidson trying to figue out what we are talking about Posted by Hello

John Eardley having a cig Posted by Hello

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I hit a pedestrian while on the bike a few days ago and I have been thinking about it.

The situation was two rows of stopped cars in front of a light with the left lane as a turning lane for the CLyde Tunnel. I was riding up between the cars to avoid being stuck in the left lane and getting squished by someone turning.

The guy was crossing the street and crossed between the stopped cars. I swerved and went down and thankfully we created enough of a scene that no cars moved during the event.

He was at fault. He was crossing in the middle road when there was a pedestrian crossing 20 feet away.

However, fault means nothing in cycling. Unlike a car, you cannot be satisfied with simply stating "I am not to blame", this means nothing as the vehicle at fault rolls over top of you. I did make some mistakes, I made too many assumptions.

I assumed he was not going to run across the road. I never got eye contact and was never sure he saw me. When he did not make eye contact, I should have shouted. Got his attention, make him think I am some serial killer cyclist looking for my next victim. Finally on maneuvering, there was little to do. I braked and slid, he saw me and stopped, taking up any space I may have had.

So lesson learned - don't assume anything.

Unless you see their eyes, they don't see you.

If they don't see you, scream obscenities at them and get their attention.

I have been thinking about why bikes need to avoid sidewalks (pavements) and I will note these later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I rode home in the rain today. I started off as smirr (light scottish mist) and developed into full blown big highland drops.

Nothing like a good cycle ride in a downpour to lift your mood. Everybody is running around trying to avoid getting wet, you are past that point. You have joined the totally sodden andf you would be miserable except that: a) you are on a bike and b) you will be home soon, to dry off and warm up.

So I arrived back, got out of the wet clothes and got myself a large hot drink to settle in with the wife. Very nice.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Current Books

I am reading three books

Where Wizards Stay Up Late (the companion website)

Mr Nice - the book about Howard Marks (I got it cheap in Shelter on the weekend)

And the Sustrans book Scotland: The National Cycle Network

Sunday, July 25, 2004

So we had a great time celebrating the birthday of the Pickle.

It was held at the Bunker in Glasgow and there was a pretty good turnout.

Later on Kyle showed up with Willie, Gordonjcp, Carolyne and the two visiting Czechs who are with Ronja Wireless ->

Willie and the Two Czechs Posted by Hello

Pickle and Edward  Posted by Hello

BigKev, Kenny and Pickle's Pal Posted by Hello

Neil enjoyng himself Posted by Hello

Pictures from Pickle's Birthday Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 22, 2004

A gratuitous photo of the bicycle.  Posted by Hello