Saturday, August 28, 2004

Well, I am back at home after a couple days of travelling. I had two sets of of meetings in Edinburgh and a ScotLUG night in Glasgow. The sister-in-law dropped by and I only saw her for ten minutes (in-between coming in and going to bed).

The first neeting was the working group on Agenda for Change and how we need to get job evaluations in place to deal with it. I hate job evaluation and I think it is one of the more evil things that an organisation can do to its employees. You are not a person, you are your job (evil, huh)

Next it was the ScotLUG Night at Strathclyde University. We had Stephen Murdoch talking about several things , several of which are raised on his site. Good talk and well presented. It was quite good time in the pub afterwards. Got together with loads of other folks like mquin and Neiland met up with folks I have not seen for a while.

Finally, I had a Network Services Meeting in Edinburgh to get together with the other network guys. I presented a tutorial on imanager on Novell boxes and gave an update on the projects that I have been working on. What was impressive was David Lindsay's ability to complete his PureIP project in a pretty limited time span. It is not easy to get legacy systems sorted out and this was a good example to of how to do that.

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