Sunday, July 08, 2007

Liz and I were driving around Glasgow yesterday, getting some magic tricks for her sister's impending trip to Greece. We were thinking of cheap things she could take to give to the kids over there and the tricks from Tam Shepherd's Magic Shop seemed ideal. This place has always been there and I wonder how it stays in operation. The tricks that we bought for the kids were between 50p and 2 quid. The guy behind the counter will always show you some trick that you can do and will impress. Brilliant place.

We get back to the car and Liz starts to head to Tescos, as we get near the Finneston Bridge, loads of cops are lining the street on either side. At the traffic lights we ask a female police officer if the Orange Walk is due soon (the bridge's lamp posts have union jacks tied to them) and she tells us that they left Bellahouston Park about 10 minutes ago. Liz squeals and I remind her that we can turn around and head down to Shawlands. So we go back over the bridge and down to the Tescos at Silverburn, avoiding King Billy and the piccolo players.

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