Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cycle Diary

Ride to Work - Paisley to Glasgow, 10 miles, dry roads, good weather, 18C

First ride in a long time. I finally ran out of excuses. The hot weather and the sight of several old guys pedalling towards Glasgow wiped out all weather and danger reasons for not riding into work. The pensioners pedalling was probably the worst, nothing as a cyclist makes you more ashamed than to see a old guy pedal past as you asre trying to explain the dangerous lifestyle of an urban cyclist.

The ride in was uneventful. I left early, so traffic was light. The early morning air had that heat wave crispness to it with none of the heat itself. All in all, a good ride in, too bad that my body has given up. My legs had no power, and my heart while not at its max heart rate was definitely being pushed. The worst aspect though was th feet. My plantar fascia started to scream a couple of blocks into the ride and did not stop until I hit work. I need to stretch this out and hopefully it will settle down with more riding.

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