Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My pal MrBen is documenting his Lent this year.

I decided to do something Lent-ish this year, in the same vein of other Lent-esque things I have done in the past. It is more an attempt to remove my dependency on things in my life (ie. a watch, glasses, etc).

This time it is my iPod.

I have been using it quite intensively to listen to Techblogs and IT podcasts and it occasionally is colliding with other things I want to do.

I am hoping not having the iPod will push the studying for the certifications (one of the things that conflicted with listening to Podcasts).

I am not doing all 40 days - instead I plan on doing a Spurlock Lent period and only do the 30. So March 31st, I will get my iPod returned to me and I will have a lot of podcasts to catch up on.

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