Thursday, December 22, 2005

The GeekPod 100 from provides 100 hours of iPod goodness.

Only problem is the foreign charger - so I am hoping for a UK version at some point.

Edit - Further to Michael Harrison's comments about Batterygeek. I have started to think that a homemade solution maybe a better way to battery power the iPod.

The solutions offered by Drew Perry and Chris Diclerico (Verson2 and Version3 seems a reasonable way to approach this.

The 8 hours seems a reasonable amount of time to get the iPod back to a power source and extra batteries could always be carried.


MadHacker said...

You don't need to worry about the foreign charger, it specifically says it's international-voltage compatible, so it's just a plug adapter you need, really.

Michael Harrison said...

You do need to worry about customer service though.
If you have any problems, you can only count on being able to return it for a refund but I haven't heard from anyone who's done so and received good service.

Anonymous said...

Thank you MrLithic for your interesting review. A few months ago I picked up the Battery Geek GeekPod 100 battery pack and this thing has been a lifesaver for me. I own a Video iPod and as far as run time goes, i'm getting 100+ hours of audio run time and a countless number of hours of video run time. I also picked up thier Foreign Travel Adapter Plug for only $10 which allows me to plug into all international outlets most importantly for me the U.K. outlets since this is where I travel to frequently. Also, just recently I lost my iPod cable and the same day I called them to get a replacement, they sent me out a brand new one free of charge which I received the very next day. Bravo for thier awesome display of excellent customer service.

Anonymous said...

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