Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The evolution of my Hipster

The evolution of my Hipster
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This is shows the stages that my Hipster PDA has undertaken.

I gave up the 3x4 version, since I needed to cut 4x6 cards in half to get the right size cards (it originally made sense). Also the 3x4 cards were not compatible with Douglas Johnston's DIY hipster pages which I really like.

The 3x5 one is much easier to refill (open pack of cards - job done). I then made a gaffer tape cover for it and chucked in a couple DIY cards and dividers between sections.

Finally, I tried to make a better gaffer tape cover and turn it into a gaffer tape envelope to hold the cards. Unfortunately, this is not very easy to open and make quick notes. So, I pack it into the rucksack and use it to carry extra 3x5 cards and DIY pages. Works a treat.

I use these along with a notebook for projects to keep myself organised. Not sure if I am doing this right (still find processing a bit difficult) but it definitely makes it easier to sleep at night when I am not trying to remember everything I need to do.

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