Friday, July 16, 2004

I was reminded of a simpler time when I phoned my hometown bank yesterday.

I have not talked to these people for 5 or 6 years and yesterday I phoned them to find out how my two accounts were doing.

An old friend Barb ansawered the phone and when I said I was phoning from Scotland exclaimed "Neato" in typical Canadian understated fashion.

So, I found out that I had some money in my savings account and I told her I could not access it due to the problems with UK Bank machines. She said "No, problem I will just change it into a chequing account". No forms to fill out, No I must speak to the manager, No please come in and we will do that next month. Just someone sorting out your problems down the phone. Fantastic.
I told Barb that she was my Angel of the Prairies. She had saved my butt several years ago when an airline had overcharged me and left me with no credit on my Visa (while stuck in Calgary Airport during a blizzard).

So Barb of Carman, Manitoba - You always will be my Angel of the Prairies.

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